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Radio Wiki has its own set of rules and guidelines. Please take some time to read them before you do any work here:

  1. Radio Wiki is for encyclopedic information about Dirk Maggs Audio Productions, so any content to do with fan creations, such as, but not limited to, fan fictions, speculation, fan drawings, fan games, etc., or completely unrelated material is not permitted (although I would be amased if anything turns up, due to the nature of the production Dirk makes). Exceptions can be made for important fan games, persons and communities, but have to be discussed beforehand.
  2. Do not post any nonsense or spam whatsoever. Any attempts at vandalising an article will be reverted and such constant behaviour will have the offender blocked.
  3. Do not submit inappropriate and offensive images to the wiki. “Inappropriate” refers to pictures unrelated to the Dirk Maggs Audio Productions ' (unless for personal uses, e.g. a signature), unofficial images (e.g. fan creations), or images that are otherwise likely to cause upset. “Offensive” refers to pictures that are violent, pornographic or are designed to attack the Dirk Maggs Audio Productions or a person. These will be removed as soon as seen and users will be warned.
  4. Avoid wiki edit wars all you can. Your edits might be changed by someone else for a reason, and if they do, please contact them politely in their user talk page instead of reverting theirs immediately. Any major changes should be discussed beforehand so that a consensus can be reached.
  5. If you've been told that you're breaking any of these rules here, please comply in a sensible manner.
  6. Study wiki code all you can, and study good articles from any wiki too. It's no good coming here without any understanding of how wikis work.
  7. Preview your edits before saving the page. Making minor edits every time is called flooding, and makes it harder for the community to review the changes to the wiki.
  8. Don't alter other people's user pages. Use your own instead.
  9. Always sign your comments when talking in talk pages. You can do this with either four tildes (~~~~) or with the “Signature and timestamp” button above the edit field.
  10. Make sure any articles you create are assigned to categories. That helps to organise them.