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A Dirk Maggs Productions Wiki Encyclopedia

Dirk Maggs
This site is all about the English creator of Audio Movies[1] & Multi-Award winning Audio Director, Producer & Writer Dirk Maggs [2]

(This site is not done by that Dirk bloke! Right, You got that?'s just not his fault....) [3]

This site started way back in January 2017. This site finally hit 100 articles on 27th Feb 2017 ,[4], So far we have 199 production entries & some 900+ other articles written with 2 photos [5] Check out the help page to see how you can edit any page right now.

This a test to see if I can move my hand coded Dirk Maggs website, to this format so making it easier to update.

This Wiki site is hosted & maintained & paid for by David Williams [6]

This is the link to all the stuff on this site. Chronology

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The stuff below here, looks like I need to keep it as I haven't a clue what I am doing with this software, no really I don't have a clue what I am doing.....Maybe in time I will get my head around this software but at this time I am as they say clueless...

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  1. Yes there is such a term, if not, I do here by claim to have made it back in 19992 when I did the first version of this website right! Got that, good!
  2. Yes, it's a real name! A Dutch surname I am told...
  3. David Williams wrote all this stuff, Well someone was going to do it, so why not me?
  4. It's never going to have a very high number of articles, as Dirk has got a life outside of audio, I know yet another shock!
  5. Not that big on pictures here, due to all that copyright stuff, people think I might make money from this site, far from it, this is a very low traffic site its a reference site, it can be like days & days before someone finds the site.
  6. Not that Dirk Bloke! bit of a shock that! All errors are all mine & mine alone..... So don't have a go at that Dirk bloke, he has even less of an idea than me, on what all this software & Wiki thing is..)I am still trying to work out how all this wiki stuff is supposed to work..