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A Dirk Maggs Productions Wiki Encyclopedia

Dirk Maggs
This site is all about the English creator of Audio Movies™ & Multi-Award winning Audio Director, Producer & Writer Dirk Maggs (Yes, it's a real name!)

(This site is not done by that Dirk bloke! right, you got that?'s not his fault....)

This site started way back in January 2017. This site finally hit 100 articles on 27th Feb 2017, So far we have 199 production entries and 900+ other articles written with 2 photos. Check out the help page to see how you can edit any page right now.

This a test to see if I can move my hand coded Dirk Maggs website, to this format so making it easier to update.

This Wiki site is hosted & maintained & paid for by David Williams (Not that Dirk Bloke! Yeah bit of a shock that! all errors are all mine and mine alone.....)

This is the link to all the stuff on this site. Chronology

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