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An article is a content page that covers the knowledge of its subject - be it a character, actor, writer etc relating to Audio productions by Dirk Maggs. At Radio Wiki, we aim to cover as much knowledge about the series as possible, therefore new articles will be needed over time. This manual will give you an idea on the basic requirements that are needed when you create and expand articles.

Required Criteria

  1. Bold and repeat the title of the article in the first sentence.
  2. Give as much detail to the article as possible.
  3. Italicise all game titles, and remember to link them as well.
  4. Links - link to as many other articles as possible once.
  5. Try not to use the word 'you' when referring to playing the game. Acceptable alternatives can be the character's name or 'the player must'.
  6. Apply Categories to your new article, preferably as many related ones as possible.


The following items are not critically required when making new articles, but will give it a much more professional appearance.

  1. Images to illustrate the article; it is recommended that we have at least one for every article.
  2. Knowledge/Notice templates (eg. infoboxes).
  3. Galleries for displaying a group of images together.
  4. Tables for laying statistical information neatly.

How to create or edit an article

  • To create an article, click on a red link, which will take you straight to the Editing field. Searching for one that doesn't exist and then clicking 'Create this page' will do the same.
  • To edit an article, click the 'edit' tab that is displayed on top of it, third tab from the left.


Currently, Radio wiki is an English wiki. If you speak a language that is not available here and wish for a new version of the wiki to cover this language, feel free to contact us.

Naming an article


The name of an article should correspond to the first official English name, for example, an article about the Male Writers should be called by their English name. If there is no English name, then the first official international name should be used, eg. the original language name. If there is no official name, then a name that describes the subject may be used until an official name is found.


Articles such as 'the' are not to be included in titles unless it is a level name.

Common usage

Articles titles should be their most commonly used name, and not necessarily the most complete one. For example, Billy West over William Richard West and Rayman 2 over Rayman 2: The Great Escape.


If you wish to make an article about something that shares the same name as another, then a few words to describe the second name should be used in brackets.


Try not to abbreviate titles.

Special characters

Currently, the only special characters that are supported are - (), ! and -. Any others may cause a 404 error.

Step by Step Examples


All articles must begin with title of the article being repeated and bolding ('''name''') it for emphasis. If there is a full official name for a character for example, that should be included as well. When referring to a game, this should be italicised with 5 apostrophes ('''''name''''') as well.

'''Dirk Maggs''' is a Radio Director ''[[Dirk Maggs]]''.


A good article should have as much detail about its subject as possible. What does a character look like, and what games does he appear in? Is he a friend, or a foe? If you know, write it down, but remember that you should also comply to the basic rules.

'''Dirk Maggs''' is a Radio Director.


All titles within the article, be it the name of a game or a television show, must be italicised using 2 apostrophes (''title'').

'''Radio wiki''' is a wiki about the ''[[Dirk Maggs]]'' Audio productions. It covers as many of the 'audio productions as possible


It is important to link to lots of other articles in each article, as it helps a user to navigate in the Wiki. If the name shows up again, a link needs to be added too, unless it is in a section title.

Assigning a Category

Categories help to keep the wiki organised, and helps a user to find similar subjects, so it's important to assign at least one category to an article. If the article is about character, then it should be in the Characters category, while an article about Yellow Lums should be placed in the Items category. Category links always go at the bottom of the article when editing.

[[Category:Female Actors]]
[[Category:Female Actors for Dirk Maggs Audio Productions]]
[[Category:Male Writers]]
[[Category:Male Writers from Dirk Maggs Audio productions]]


Naming a section within an article will depend on what the article is about, so here's a guideline to what's most appropriate for each subject type.

Radio play



==Character description==
===Physical or Abilities===
==Biography or Videogame appearances==


==Production date==
===Production Company===
==Broadcast date==


Trivia is a series of facts that relate to the subject, but it is usually preferred to incorporate this information in the article body.


Certain pieces of information should be backed up by using a reference. It is done by adding the content of the reference next to the information inside <ref> tags:

Then, a « References» section must be added to the end of the article with the following code:

<references />

The format of references is the following:

  • For web pages: Name of site, Title of page or section, Address
  • For other sources: Name of book, magazine, game, etc., section

Other points to consider

  • Proper spelling and grammar is incredibly important when writing articles.
  • Never insert nonsense into an article. That includes fake and unconfirmed Dirk Maggs Audio Productions titles.
  • Certain pieces of information should be backed up by using a citation.
  • Don't just copy from Wikipedia, we can usually tell and most of the time their edits are rubbish.