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1st Publication date 1 June 1991 United Kingdom Lime Tree.

Hardback Publication date 1991 Lime Tree ISBN 0-4134-5241-7 416pp 234 x 153mm

Paperback Publication date 1993 Mandarin ISBN 0-7493-0363-8 496pp 178 x 111mm

Not currently available reprint pending

 From book cover

Forced to confront the possibility of a contamination of the brilliant Kronos superchip technology, Beverley Laine begins to suspect a plot to ruin her company, Nano Systems. With many lives and millions of pounds at stake, the race is on to solve the mystery of the terrifying Trojan virus.


Violent death, industrial espionage, a space probe to Mars and a virulent computer virus of unimaginable complexity seem to link the dysfunctioning of Kronos, the most advanced microchip ever developed on which lives and fortunes depend. 

Dave's comment 

This is a techno thriller of the near future about a Martian computer virus. The use of local scenes is good and I want a computer with a virus free Kronos chip in it. This was to me a good read. I think that this was a book that did not have a long time in its writing, like it wrote itself perhaps Jim had to hold himself back.

Author James Follett comments

None at this time ( This is yet another hint I want some information e.g. why are greek gods names being used? ) David Williams



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