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Temple of the Winds Book Cover Temple of the Winds Book Cover Temple of the Winds Book Cover Temple of the Winds Book Cover

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Hardback  1st Publication date 1st May 2000  320 pages Severn House Publishers ISBN: 0727855689

Paperback 1st Publication date 2001


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This is a science-fiction thriller based in a West Sussex village, which becomes cut off from the rest of the world after a UFO incident. A local dignitary takes advantage of an obscure Act of Parliament to seize power and impose his rule on the local population. The community descends into moral anarchy and a civil war breaks out - culminating in the trial of one villager for witchcraft The book will be approximately 190 000 words in length

Dave's comment 


I am in the middle of reading the manuscript of the first book, and all I can say at this time, is that it appears to be a real cracker of a story, that moves on at a real pace. The main characters are all very well written and realised, you do end up liking some of them a lot. Yes the bad guys are bad and you do wish that something bad does happen to them.

The settings and the plotting of the story appear at this stage to be good, James has had some real fun with this story, the only problem I have at this time (06.08.1999) is that I already want to read the second volume and I want to read it NOW!

I want to know what happens... ( This is just like those end of season finale's where you have to wait 6 months to find out what happened) I also happen to think that this story (from what I have already read ) would make a very good radio series of 10 programmes, I just wonder if..... ( we can all dream can't we?)

Overall as I write this, its as good as Earthsearch possibly better ( Yes, I think James has managed to pull something very special, So this would mean that the wait has been worth it then?, yes but I still want more books a year! ) I intend to add to this, when I have finished reading the manuscript. (Thanks to Jim for allowing me to see an early copy!)


Well I have now finally had the great pleasure of finishing the manuscript and all that I can say is wow! (this is my opinion) As promised, I said that I would write some more of my thoughts about this new novel of Jim's, I will not give the plot away. This is as a good novel as James has ever written, if not his best so far, (this is my opinion) I found myself unable to tear my eyeballs away from it. I wanted to know what was going to happen next ( this means good pacing and a good plot?)

I wanted to see if my guess as to what was going to happen was right, I did find myself being drawn into what was happening to the town and the residents of Pentworth. My only complaint is that, I want the next volume to find out how James is going to progress all the various plot lines and bring the two volume story to a nice and complete conclusion (I think going by they way volume one is, that the complete story could be two or even three volumes worth, I say this, as the number of plot lines and characters are such that to reach a nice and complete story will I think require another 400 000 words )

The first volume has some lovely twists in the plot lines that will keep the reader surprised and wanting more. ( I have to state here, that Jim has not lost his cunning in hiding the twists so that when it does happen the reader is left thinking where did that come from!) As I have already said this is a story that I feel would make a good radio play, no change that, it would make a good audio movie, now the only problem is finding the voices to cast for the main characters...

14.08.1999 & 22.09.1999

I have now had some time to think through the story since reading it. And I thought about just putting some odd thoughts on the story in general. It may be that when you get to read it that you don't agree with me, I have no problem with that you might even want to tell me I would be more than happy to add your comments or review's if you care to send them in on this book or any book that James has written.

The basis of the first volume is not new, there have been other books and I think a film on similar themes, what makes this book just that bit better or even more fulfilling is the amount detail that has gone into the place descriptions and the characters and the interaction of those characters with each other and the circumstances that they find themselves in.

The actions that do take place between the characters is both believable and possible by the characters described. This first book is I think also a first for James Follett in that for the first time he has his characters been driven and effected by having sex. The sex described is not just there to titillate or shock, its an important part of the story and what causes some of the characters to come alive and appear to be very real people with drives and wants. That the average reader can believe in and their thoughts and actions. This book has been written in such away that it appears to be very visual and plenty of the scenes especially the last in the book could easy be in the latest blockbuster movie. The rhythm of this book is such that you the reader will find yourself burning the midnight oil to find out what happens to the various characters in the novel.


Chris Barrable from Fareham, Hants United Kingdom

I just could not put it down, from beginning to end; it was one long trail of adventure and intrigue. I just cannot wait for the next in the series.
It tells the story of a group of people who are mysteriously held within a domed force field, in East Sussex. The dome has clear boundaries in length and breadth. The people in the story are suddenly faced with returning to the days of candlelight and hunting and gathering their own food. It looks at the way the "players" interact within a group now they are all "equal" and a fight for survival has begun. It just leaves you waiting for the next part of the story.


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