Saturday Night Theatres Radio Play


1st Broadcast 8th November 1986 BBC Radio 4
2nd Broadcast 10th November 1986 BBC Radio 4


James Follett

Directed by

Alec Reid


Eight thousand square miles of solid ice, which have become detached from the Antarctic, are drifting inexorably towards New York harbour.

The combined might of the US military seems powerless to avert the collisions, but if it occurs, the whole city will "ring like a bell"


Julia Hammond Carol Drinkwater
Glyn Sherwood Anthony Hyde
Narrator Sean Barrett
Oaf Eric Allan
Captain Hagan Ed Bishop
Admiral Pearson Don Fellows
US President Alan Tilvern
Angus Brill Brian Hewlett
Walter Krantz Peter Marinker
TV Reporter Kim Wall
Maguire Bruce Boa
Stevens Jonathan Tafler
Mason Andrew Branch
Lt. Klein David Goodland
Greaser Stephen Hattersley
Chief Engineer Paul Gregory
TV Announcer Rachel Gurney

James Follett Comments

None so far.

Running Time

88 Minutes


The book Ice went on to become this radio play in a very modified version.

The Novel Ice comes at least a decade before this radio play.


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