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Crown Court Crown CourtCrown Court Crown Court


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1st Publication date 14th October 1977 United Kingdom Weidenfeld

Hardback ISBN not known ( The cover shot came from JF but not the ISBN number ! David Williams

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From book cover.

Based on the Granada TV series, this well-crafted book follows the fortunes of a down and nearly out jurist who can hardly follow the court proceedings through worrying about his girlfriend's difficult pregnancy.

But, by the end of the week, he is caught up in momentous events in the courtroom that imperil his life.


Dave's comment

This is a book that I have not read mainly cause I can not find it anywhere. I have seen the TV show but I have to confess I was into other things at the time (Hint my age at the time )

Author James Follett Comments

" Crown Court was a spin-off from the successful Granada TV series in the days when Britain turned out homegrown afternoon TV drama. I was asked to write it because I'd written several Crown Court scripts for Granada TV and seemed able to cobble a plot together.

They didn't get quite what they bargained for because I was determined to write a thriller that would stand on its own without reference to the TV series. St Martin's Press of New York considered it good enough to publish it even though Crown Court had never been aired on US TV. I doubt if I'd ever agree to license a reprint because the final chapter was later considerably expanded for use in The Tiptoe Boys.

Author's are notorious self-plagiarists. " James Follett




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