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Five Top Follett Novels


The section is my personal top five Novels by James Follett, and the reasons why they have had an impact on me. The books are listed in reverse order with the current number one book in last place.

You will not find any criticism on the books as I only read them for my enjoyment.


No 5. The Doomsday Ultimatum

    The Doomsday Ultimatum   The Doomsday Ultimatum The Doomsday Ultimatum The Doomsday Ultimatum  The Doomsday Ultimatum


This book was about the third book by James Follett that I read. What made the most impact on me was that nuclear power stations are for the most part unguarded and that anyone with the right manpower could just walk in and take over. This book is very much like North sea oil rigs hijacking on which there was a film, I remember seeing sometime near to when I first read this book.

The twists in the story are not in anyway telegraphed  to the reader and so the final ending to the book is to me very neat and satisfactory.  And finding out that this was a first novel also made this a good book.

How he wrote this book in one of UK's hottest summers is also a very good question. This is a book that I would love to have the film rights to or at least an option on.

No 4. Ice

    Ice     Ice Ice Ice  Ice


This is a book that did not take me very long to read. In fact I think I read it nonstop one weekend. This is one of those stories that stops and makes you think about how powerful mother nature is. This could be a great film if the special effects were up to the task and the screenplay got the books humour across along with explaining what is going on. I did wonder after reading this if the ending was written first. I have wondered if James Follett could write a sort of sequel with the crew of the boat that are in the above book, and how they keep getting into all sorts of trouble with out really trying.

No 3. U700

    U700        U700  U700  U700  U700


This was one of the first if not the first James Follett novel that I ever read. Why do I like it? because its based on fact in part. This could make a good film if the right lead actor could be found and if the market for such a film was there. I do not think at the present  time that the film would work or get the money to produce it. This would be one of those project to put on a back burner until the time is right. I wonder if the lead part in This novel is one of James Follett's favs or not.

No 2. Dominator

    Dominator  Dominator  Dominator  Dominator  Dominator


This is also among the first books by James Follett that I read. One problem that I had with This book was I could not remember who it was by as it did not, to me seem like a typical James Follett novel !

The reason that the book is my number two is the main character is both very real and very believable, the action that is undertaken by This character is also what you would expect of him given the events and pressure put on him. I also like the local scenes and how they are used within the story, the author is local and it is nice to see local area's in a novel. Do I think it would make a good film ? but Knowing how book ideas get mangled into screenplays would the film be anything like the book? I some how do not think it would survive to well.

No 1. Mirage

    Mirage       Mirage Mirage Mirage  Mirage


This book happens to be the next book I read after Dominator. To then find out that it is based on true facts and really happened just blew me away. The fact that someone could do such a thing and that it succeeded is amazing. This book caused me to do some research of my own about the events in the book. The other thing I like about the book is that the author appears to have had some fun with writing This book I got the impression that he had very little trouble getting This down on paper, as the text just seems to flow.

This book also goes on to prove that Switzerland is not always as boring as it seems. Do I think it would make a good film? yes I do, but would it be allowed to be made, would the USA film industry put up the money? is another matter as getting the funds could be fun.

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