Those In Peril

Those In Peril Book CoverThose In Peril Book CoverThose In Peril Book Cover Those In Peril Book Cover

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1st Publication date 1994 United Kingdom William Heinemann LTD

Hardback Publication date 1994  William Heinemann LTD ISBN 0434002305  500pp 

 Paperback Publication date 1994 Mandarin ISBN 0749319631    400pp 178 x 111mm

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Its 1941 and the Royal Navy have dealt a massive blow to Hitler's campaign in the South Atlantic by sinking his U-boat supply ships For Ernst Kessler, Commander of U-395, this creates a near impossible situation- he's stranded six thousand miles from home, without fuel or supplies-responsible for hundreds of civilian survivors in lifeboats and an essential consignment of Brazilian Quartz that was destined for Britain Kessler knows that he must pull off the most hazardous rescue in maritime history - an impossible journey, towing the lifeboats and their survivors a Quarter of the way around the world. Those in peril is a gripping real life story in which the true enemy is the mighty Atlantic Ocean.


Paris is occupied by the Nazis. The documents relating to the development of Britain's secret anti-submarine weapon have fallen into German hands. German submarine U-395 is patrolling the South Atlantic, under the control of Kessler, who is certain that the British have cracked the Enigma codes.

It's 1941 and the Royal Navy have dealt a massive blow to Hitler's campaign in the South Atlantic by sinking his U-Boat ships. For Ernst Kessler, commander of U-395, this creates a near impossible situation - he's stranded 6000 miles from home, without fuel or supplies, responsible for hundreds of civilian survivors.


Customer Reviews
Stick with it
My Dad bought this author in error, getting confused with Ken Follett and was pleasantly surprised. So when I saw this and read the synopsis, I thought I would give it a try. I was also impressed. Wasn't too sure at first, but stick with it. This book is allegedly based on a true story, and if that's true, gives a human side to WWII that is rarely written about. The characters are not your normal heroes and villains and you end up keep wanting to read just one more chapter. A few late nights but well worth it.

Dave's comment

This book reads to me like a film with some very well described events that would not look out of place on the big screen. This is also one of those books that would cost a fortune to film and who would be the lead character Ernst Kessler? This would also have to be one of those films that would have to be released at just the right time. And yes it is a very good read and it is up to the standard that James can produce with lots of plot twists.


Author James Follett comments

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