War Behind The Wire Radio Plays

Those Daring Young Men

1st Broadcast 15th September 1977 BBC Radio 4



James Follett

Directed by

Chris Venning


September 1940. The month during the Battle of Britain when Goering's Luftwaffe lost a thousand aircraft against an RAF loss of 335 fighters Two German Luftwaffe officers taken prisoner that month were later to cost their captors another aircraft and seriously disrupt the RAF's training of new aircrews in what was to become the most daring but least publicised escapes of the war


Harry Wappler William Eedle
Heniz Schnabel Henry Knowles
Narrator Clive Hornby
With The voices of  
Character Name Not Known Heather Bell
Character Name Not Known Roy Spencer
Character Name Not Known Michael Goldie

James Follett Comments

None so far.

Running Time

45 Minutes


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