Second Atlantis

Second Atlantis Book Cover Second Atlantis Book CoverSecond Atlantis Book CoverSecond Atlantis Book Cover


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1st Publication date August 1998 Severn House

Hardback  1st Publication date August 1998  ISBN: 0727853716  256pp 224 x 141mm

Paperback 1st Publication date Winter 1999?

From book cover

Has global warming released its ultimate weapon ...?

Millions of years ago, meteorological changes caused giant Antarctic icebergs to leave footprints of their meanderings like mighty plough marks carved in the floor of the Southern Ocean. One even crossed the equator long before humans appeared.

Geologist Glyn Sherwood is convinced such a catastrophe could happen again, but not even he is prepared for the consequences when the ice sheet finally spawns its ‘Second Atlantis’. Larger than Belgium, so vast it creates its own climate,  the immense frozen mass confounds experts who said it would melt long before it could pose a major threat to New York; Second Atlantis is melting, but not fast enough …

Reviewer's Comments

Highly literate writing … superior characterisation .... intelligent entertainmentBooklist

Dave's comment 

This is a book I had to wait to get to read from my library even though I put my name down before its due publication date. I was eighth in line to read the book. James has made an already good story better mainly by taking the odd rough edge off and correcting the book for new knowledge found since the original version of the book came out. But I found after reading this then Ice again that Second Atlantis is better (But don't tell James that !) I still would love to hear more about Unit 7... (Question is, is there a novel here, has it got the legs ?) This book is based on his earlier book Ice which also has a radio play based on the earlier book

Author James Follett comments

None given at this time (Maybe one day James will get round to it !) David Williams




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