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Lost Radio Recordings


This page lists all the radio plays that have some how been lost since being first broadcast, no known recording exsists, unless you know otherwise !!!

James or the BBC would love to hear from you as of Sunday, May 17, 2009 5:30 PM

No Time On Our Side 1st Broadcast 2nd June 1976

War In Secret Operation Aspidistra Episode 1 1st Broadcast 4th September 1975



Recordings That Have Been Found

War In Secret The War Beneath the Waves Episode 2 1st Broadcast 11th September 1975 Thanks Simon Dakin

The Light of a Thousand Suns 1st Broadcast 6th July 1974 Thanks to Alix Boutall.

The Doppelganger Machine 1st Broadcast 14th August 1974 Thanks to Gerry Wilkinson and Stephen Norris



Other Links

This is a link to the BBC Treasure Hunt campaign site, giving details of recordings that have been found.



Treasure Hunt campaign

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