George Markstein

Guru to James Follett

This page is about George Markstein 'guru' to James Follett, and an excellent author in his own right.

There very little information about him out there, any help would be more than welcome!

George Markstein

The above picture shows George from the opening sequence of  'The Prisoner' with Patrick McGoohan.


George Markstein


The late George Markstein wrote some of the most authentic and compelling espionage thrillers of the 1970s and 80s. And, in Tara Kane, created an enduring historical saga set in the days of the Klondike Gold Rush. Having worked as a crime reporter, George Markstein became a military correspondent with the US forces in Europe during the Cold War and from then on was hooked on the study of espionage. He later worked in television drama, creating The Prisoner series before working on Callan and Armchair Theatre.

George Markstein



Traitor for a Cause 1st Published 1979

Traitor for a Cause (Bodley Head, 1979/NEL 1980)

In Frankfurt, Nicolai Galov, Soviet vice-consul and member of Section II of the KGB's First Chief Directorate, is about to come across into the open arms of the US authorities. Half a world away, in Hollywood, in Manhattan, in Chandler, Arizona, three insignificant men are killed with professional efficiency. Murder under orders. This is a gripping account of the dirty war that was waged between the superpowers at the height of the Cold War.


Tara Kane  1st Published 1976

Tara Kane (Jonathan Cape, 1976)

When, in July 1897, the S.S.Excelsior docked in San Francisco, news of the first Klondike gold strikes swept across America and the rest of the world.

The sight of new millionaires scattering nuggets around like confetti and lighting cigars with dollar bills convinced an army of men from all walks of life to take off for that vast and largely unexplored territory. Amongst this army, Daniel Kane sets off to find gold. A few months later, after the death of their daughter, his wife Tara follows him.

What happens to her is based largely on historical fact. Beautiful, high-spirited, wilful, Tara follows a trail of lawlessness, murder, lynch law and romance.

Many men desire Tara, but it is Jefferson Smith, the king of the saloon empire, who offers her a choice, which becomes Tara's greatest challenge. Through this vivid and colourful story pass the heroes and villains who made this great American adventure such a legendary episode: the characters like Charley Bowers, the bogus cleric, Inspector Charles Constantine, the cold-blooded Mountie commander who knew no compromise and Ernst Hart, the German cameraman who valued a photograph more than human life.


Ultimate Issue 1st Published 1981

Ultimate Issue(NEL, 1981)

It is June 1961. On a US base somewhere in England a USAF captain awaits trial for adultery. His army lawyer faces every possible obstruction. Captain Tower is being silenced on orders from the very highest level. His real crime is what he knows...that on the night of August 13th the longest wall in Europe will make prisoners of a million people.


Soul Hunters  Published 1987

Nothing Known yet


The Man from Yesterday  Published 1976

The first Ballentine ed. 1984

Nothing Known yet


Goering Testament  Published 1979

Nothing Known yet


Chance Awakening Published 1978

Nothing Known yet


The Cooler 1st Published 1974

The Cooler Souvenir Press (paperback edition, Pan, 1975)

This was George's first novel, and was published in 1974 It is set in the days leading up to D-Day, in the undercover world of SOE, at a time when the mounting pressure could make even a good agent a threat to the whole invasion Loach was first-class away from women. Clare had the killer instinct. Both knew too many curious secrets not to be assigned to the Cooler. Among its flawed agents, one was a double-agent skilled in betrayal and brutality


Ferret Published 1983

Nothing Known yet.


Note most of these books appear to be available from Amazon Books see Link below

Television Drama

George was story editor for a TV series called The Prisoner.

He also wrote the script for episode 1.1

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