Follett's Gadgets


Kronos Superchip


This item makes its appearance in Trojan, the idea of having one of these chips in my own computer just appeals to me.The power that this chip is supposed to deliver would just be out of this world. ( I wonder what the current share price of Nano Systems is ..... or even Nano )


Iridium Phone

To be done when I find the very first book that this phone appeared in. Note the phone predates the system currently being put into orbit as I write this. Sad news the phone system failed (back in 2002)


This is blank

This is also blank. The reason being that the new gadget might just appear in his next book.



Well this item could only come from one place that being the Earthsearch saga, currently 3 books long and about 10 hours of radio air time and two sets of audio tapes, but no CD's yet or computer strategy game, the saga is also going to be made into a TV series.

All three books are due to be reprinted soon I have yet to find out when book 4 of the saga will make its appearance ( That's if James has even got it on the cards for a next book .... ) You could have downloaded book 3: Mindwarp from this website. But it has been withdrawn due to republication, it is the first book in the saga But was printed third.



This is one of the major items to appear in one of James Follett's books, called Sabre this is a plane that would be one item that I would have to go on. This is the plane that HOTOL could have been if it had been funded in the late 80's. Maybe Skylon will be funded which is also very very similar to James's Sabre. ( I wonder which came first ) David Williams



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