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When you have read all 24 Novels, watched all the TV dramas, listened to all 45 radio plays, and all 11 audio tapes and 4 CD you need something to keep you going until James gets round to writing another book then this is could be the page just for you.

This is a list of other authors who write books on the same sort of themes as James does ( well its as near as anyone else has got to his style of writing, This is my list of authors, for what it is worth) David Williams

The list is in no particular order but I have read books by each of  the authors listed below, some more than others and all of them are worth at least a tryout. I will link to web sites on each of the authors as and when I manage to find them.

Update 27.06.2009

This page is very out of date and it's sad to say that most if not all the links below are now dead, one of the great problems with doing a site like this is that the website you link to, never seem to last very long.

To be honest with you I have not had the time or the energy to go looking for new sites for these authors, so a quick search will do the trick and if you are luck you may end up on a live website David Williams








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