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1st Publication date 1st September 1999 Arrow Books LTD

Paperback 1st Publication date 1st September 1999  ISBN: 0091870038

From book cover


The deadliest weapon in space High above the Earth's surface orbits Dominator, NASA's latest and most sophisticated weapon But the crew and cargo onboard are beyond the control of the US space agency. For as warring Middle East factions reach a new deadlock with the United States, Dominator has been hijacked and a nightmare is about to be unleashed.....


It is the late 1960s, and General De Gaulle has canceled Israel's order for fifty Mirage 5 jet fighters - a stunning body blow for the Israeli Airforce. Depleted by SAM missile- carrying high-speed craft under construction for the Israeli navy.

Against this background, Daniel Kalen, an Israeli fighter pilot grounded after injury, has been given the extraordinary mission by Mossad: to steal the Mirage blueprints so that Israel can build her own version of the fighter. So begins a joint operation of breathtaking audacity- the theft of the plans, hand in hand with the 'liberation' of the high speed craft.

Dave's comment 

This is the first time the 1st time that Dominator & Mirage have been published as one volume! So this represents very good value for money as the story books do follow each other in that they are both based on events in and around Israel in the 1960's early 70's.

Here are my comments from the original books......


This is a book that I  must have liked a lot, as it is in my top five Follett's in at number two. This is a novel that I just liked for the inclusion of local scenes and landing a shuttle in a most unexpected place. I think that the events in real life could happen like this with a shuttle, could one person take over a shuttle? My idea would be for something much more underhanded. The pace of the story is nonstop and I really wanted the " bad guys " to win.


This is a book that I have liked a lot as it is in my top five Follett's in at number one. The main reason is because it is based on true events that if it did not happen in real life,the author would be accused of  having an over active imagination. The other reason that I like this book is because it shows that Switzerland is not boring all of the time. Not in the late 1960's. This is book that reads as if it was written very quickly and that the author had no trouble in getting it down on paper.

The author's biggest problem might have been that the story was writing its self and that he had to fight to stay in control. James Follett appears to have had a lot of fun in the writing of this book.

Author James Follett comments


On Dominator

No comments


On Mirage

" Mirage is one of those stories that writers dream of having fall into their lap. I came across it in Israel while researching background material for Dominator

One of the agents wryly confessed to being distracted during the operation by the Apollo moon mission TV coverage. I just had to incorporate this into the book. After all, you'd never see James Bond taking time off from chasing villains to watch the box! " James Follett


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