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The Destruction Factor

Part 1 The Seeds of Creation

1st Broadcast 11th March 1978 BBC Radio 4
2nd Broadcast 13th March 1978 BBC Radio 4
August 2003 BBC 7
January 2004 BBC 7



James Follett

Directed by

David Spenser


Ralph Exon working for an international fertiliser corporation, has created a new strain of plant; a mutation which he hopes will bring relief to the famine-ridden countries of the world.

It is an innocent looking plant, known as the Exon strain, there also lurks the Destruction Factor.....


Max Flinders T.P.McKenna
Denise Exon Rosalind Adams
Howard Rogers Paul Copley
Ted Downes Bruce Beeby
Kathy Downes Joan Matheson
Voice in Climatorium Brenda Kaye
Balfour Peter Wickham
Garrard Rod Beacham
Commander Rod Beacham
Ralph Exon Clifford Rose
Anne Christine Absalom
Milly Karen Archer
Harriet Debby Cumming
Blowers Michael Shannon


James Follett Comments

None so far


Running Time

88 Minutes


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