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Publication date 17 June 1993 United Kingdom Severn House.

Hardback  Publication date 1993 ISBN 0-7278-4452-0 256pp 222 x 141mm

Paperback  Publication date ISBN 0 563 20098 7

Cover by Robert Welch Other cover by John Geary

Not currently available out of print

From book cover

Four million years ago the crew of the starship Challenger abandoned the search for their home Earth - the birthplace of their grandparents - and settled on the third planet of a solar system on the fringe of the galaxy, leaving Angel One and Angel Two, the Challenger's control computers, to continue the search in the starship.

The four settlers called their new home Paradise. With seven-tenths of its surface covered in water, deep blue skies, and an abundance of lakes, rivers and lush forests, the planet is unlike the Earth that the four settlers used to study in the Challenger's vast hologram and video library.

But after four years, they are learning to accept its differences... It is home...

Critical acclaim for Earthsearch

'The best science fiction novel to come onto the market for years'. Cumberland Evening News

'James Follett's serial... is a delight'. Observer

Dave's comment 

This was a book that I liked a lot as it is part of a series. The only thing I did not like was finding out that I missed the radio broadcast, as the BBC production of plays tends to be very good. The BBC have released this series on tape. This is the second novel in the "Earthsearch" saga. This edition has been fully revised from the 1982 edition published by BBC Books. The author has added new material so that it makes more sense in print form.


Earthsearch a lost Gem

Earthsearch is without doubt one of those books that for those in the know is a very well kept secret on a very good series of stories that span 10 1 hour radio plays 3 books and soon to be a TV series. This book is about a group of traveler's looking for Earth and the events that they get tied up in set very far into the future.

The good guys are a very likable lot and you find yourself liking them very early into the book. The bad guys are such that you soon want some very serious harm to come to them. The book is based on the BBC Radio 4 series broadcast in the early 1980's and is still to this day the second most popular radio series every produced by the BBC, the number one series? Is that little known series called the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

This book is very easy to get into, the scenes are well written and because of the way it was written you find it very easy to see the scenes as the author wants you to see them. You will soon find yourself turning pages at a fast rate, just to find out if the good guys or the bad guys win. So if you want to get into a very well kept secret this is the book read.


Author James Follett comments

None given at this time

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