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1st Publication date 1980 United Kingdom Weidenfeld

Hardback publication date 1991 Severn House Publishers ISBN 0727841718

Paperback publication date 1989 Mandarin ISBN 0749304960 240pp 178 x 111mm

Paperback August 1994 Magna Large Print Books; ISBN: 0750506598

From book cover

In 1941, before America entered the war, the last of Britain's dwindling gold reserves are held in South Africa. It has to be moved to America to pay Roosevelt's `cash and carry' bills. The German High Command learn of British shipping plans and resolve to stop it or capture it.


It is 1940 and war has brought Britain to the verge of bankruptcy. Her last hope is gold - £42 million of it, held in a bank vault in South Africa. Only one man can bring that gold back to Britain - Robert Garrard, captain of the "Tulsar".

Dave's comment

This is a book that I have not yet read but would like to when I can get a copy. ( Oh how I have tried. Have you noticed that there don't seem to be very many jumble sales anymore ! ) David Williams with a reprint pending I might just get lucky and get to read it before its made into a film! or something.

Author James Follett comments

" My second best twist ending! Else where on this website Dave Williams has made a snide comment about my recent books lacking twist endings. They don't come easily, Dave! ( The only reason for that comment was it's the twist endings that first got me reading James Follett's books ....! ) David Williams

But the next book, Temple of the Winds has a beaut of a twist. "

James Follett



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