Absolute Zero

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He has only just Started It

1st Publication date late 2014?

Hardback  1st Publication date Late 2014? 

Paperback 1st Publication date 2015?

From book cover

The book will be approximately 100 000 words in length.

Dave's comment 

Nothing as of 17.12.2003

The only odd thoughts that I had about this story was that an intense rivalry between two former friends on developing a cheap and portable system of producing absolute zero is developed with the winner being the one to make a fortune, along the way various events take place with one of them ending up dead one of them losing his girl to the other your basic bad guy and good guy.

You may ask what the portable super cooler could be used for, one thing I came up with was the quantum computer running at some 100 pentahertz clock speed.....



Well it would appear that this book has not got any further than the idea stage.


Yes this is truly a book that never was.

Author James Follett comments

(It's has much to do with the unattainable zero degrees Kelvin -- absolute zero ) James Follett



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