Tim Merryman's Days of Clover Series

1st Broadcast 9th June 2003

Repeated May 2004



Dirk Maggs



Louise Armitage


Written By

Ray Connolly


Produced By

A Catherine Bailey Production for BBC Radio 4




Episode 1

Goodbye, Baby Boomer And Amen: Tim thinks he's in line for promotion, but his boss has other ideas. Tim Merryman is made redundant after 22 years; the contents of his desk are presented to him in a black bag and his car is repossessed, Surley, that's all.

Episode 2

In Strictest Confidence: Tim reluctantly visits an out-placement office, where he is confronted with his demons by Barry. And he meets Rhys, a fellow music buff who hasn't had the courage to tell his wife that he has lost his job after six months.

Episode 3

After The Goldrush: Tim's first job interview with the youthful and exuberant entrepreneurs at plumray.com leads to a number of entertaining blunders en route to a catastrophe with a Yucca plant, but at least Amy still fancies him.

Episode 4

Old Friends: Old friends are not always what they seem, as Tim discovers when he meets up with Harry. Harry's wife Catherine has left him after twenty five years of marriage, HRT, and a bell ringing class. Could this spell trouble for Tim and Amy?


Cast all Episodes


Duncan Preston
Tessa Peake Jones
Leo Bill
Catherine Shepherd
Nick Burnell
Tom George
Cathy Sara
Rachel Preece
Mark Straker
Rachel Preece
Ryan McCluskey
Tom George
Shop Assistant
Cathy Sara
John Challis
John Sparkes
Teresa Gallagher
Gary Waldhorn
Hetty Baynes


Production Crew

None at this time


Recorded at

None at this time


Music composed & Arranged

None at this time


Comment by Dirk Maggs

None at this time


Running Time

4 Episodes 30 minutes


Cast Photo's

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David Williams Comments

Sound production had some very clever effects that made some of the episodes quite good e.g. when phones were being used in small spaces you could hear that the character was in a small space. Some of the linking music was very good and Dirks love of R&B did show its self.

As to the actual content I had trouble getting to like the main character I got to the stage where I just wanted to give him a slap around the face and tell him to grow up. The more interesting characters like what the son was doing at university started to sound more interesting, I also could not understand why Tim's wife had not dumped him for someone else.

The performances that Dirk got from the actors were very good, just for me the content was not quite there.


Other Items

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