The Night Listener

1st Broadcast 19th April - 10th May 2002



Dirk Maggs



Bruce Hyman


Written By

Mike Stott


Adaptation By

Mike Stott

Bruce Hyman


Produced for

An Above The Title Production for BBC Radio 4




Episode 1

Jewelling the Elephant. Writer Gabriel Noone is sent the haunting memoir of 13 year old Pete Lomax. unable to put it down, Gabriel makes contact with its young author and they become friends. But is he getting too innvolved, too quickly?


Episode 2

The Monkey Wrench. As Gabriel's relationships with his ex-lover and his father fall further apart, his friendship with Pete continues to strengthen. In turn, Pete looks to Gabriel as the father figure he never had. But just as Gabriel seems to be coming to terms with his life a bombshell is dropped, causing him to question everything he has taken for granted and shattering his newly ordered existence


Episode 3

Room Tone. Gabriel is reeling from Jess's bombshell. is it possable that Pete and Donna could, in fact be the same person? Then Gabriel receives an invitation from Pete to vist him and Donna. At last Gabriel will receive the confirmation of pete's existance that he so desperately longs for. Or so he thinks.


Episode 4

Everybody Goes. On Jess's insistence, Gabe vists pete and Donna in Wysong to find out the truth for himself. But will anything have prepared him for what he finds? And can he finally allow himself to believe in Pete, the son that he never had? As all the relationships that gabe holds dear threaten to alter irrevocably, he turns to his writing, the one constant in his world.


A dramatisation of Armistead Maupin's finest novel, based on the true story of a late night radio columnist who forms an unlikely telephone friendship with a young abused boy whose memoir he has read. But is his new friend quite who he appears to be?


Cast for all Episodes


William Hope
Briony Glassco
Alan Corduner
Steven Shay
Stuart Milligan
Lorelei King
Gabe Snr
Jerry Harte
Armistead Maupin


Production Crew

None at this time


Recorded at

None at this time


Music composed & Arranged

None at this time


Comment by Dirk Maggs

None at this time


Running Time

30 minutes per Episode


Cast Pictures


Lorelei King
Miriam Margolyes
Armistead Maupin


Other Items

Miriam Margolyes

Armistead Maupin



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