Bunn & Co II

1st Broadcast 2nd April 2004 BBC Radio 4



Dirk Maggs



Bruce Hyman


Written By

Mike Stott


Produced By

Above The Title Productions for BBC Radio 4

The return of Mike Stott's exquisite comedy about possibly the North of England's most appalling estate agents, set in the fictional Pennine village of Boggart's Bridge




Episode 1

Barry and Colette face the repercussions of their passion, not always in complete comfort, and tracey bonds with Ronnie Grimes.


Episode 2

The two Mo's, who own the other estate agents in Boggart's Bridge, are having a clear-out, helped by the less than capable Nigel.


Episode 3

Nigel is sent round to Dolly Partington's to get to the bottom of the noises in her attic. Barry is sent round to rescue him but things are complicated by the presence of both Dolly and her python.


Episode 4

Moles are driving Mal Moody to distraction, and if Barry wants to handle the sale of Mal's "Jacobethanesque" mansion, he must find someone to get rid of them. Unfortunately, that someone is Nigel.


Episode 5

When Potluck Productions call, wanting to feature Bunn and Co in their TV series, Barry and the team jump at the chance. But reality TV doesn't let facts get in the way of a good programme.


Episode 6

Colette and Barry decide to come clean about their feelings for one another. But the reaction they get from their spouses isn't quite what they were expecting.

Cast for all Episodes


Dolly Partington
Alison Steadman
Barry Bunn
Keith Barron
Colette Kershaw
Julia Deakin
Nigel Dugdale
James Frost
Nichola McAuliffe
Charles Dale
Little Mo
Jennie Stoller
Big Mo
Gwyneth Powell
Mal Moody
David Ross
Nick Stringer
Vivien Heilbron
John Arthur
Nicola Stephenson
Ronnie Grimes
David Fielder


Production Crew

None at this time


Recorded at

None at this time

Music composed & Arranged

None at this time


Comment by Dirk Maggs

None at this time


Running Time

6 Episodes 30 minutes long


Other Items


Cast Pictures

Keith Barron
James Frost
Charles Dale
Alison Steadman
Vivien Heilbron
Nick Stringer
Nicola Stephenson
Nichola McAuliffe
Gwyneth Powell


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