Why Centennial ?

Culotte a Scorcher


1st Broadcast 14th July 1989 23:35-23:59 on BBC Radio 4
15th July 1989 17:25-17:50 on BBC Radio 4



Michael Dines

Robert Linford




Dirk Maggs



Produced for

BBC Radio 4




Special about the French Revolution, and what events lead upto it, from a very different viewpoint than the one taught in history lessons.




At last - the truth behind the French Revolution and the invention of the world's most effective headache cure.



Andrew Sachs
David Graham
Sally Grace
Chris Emmett


Production Crew

None at this time



Recorded at

Recorded on 5th July 1989



Music composed & Arranged

None at this time



Comment by Dirk Maggs

None at this time



Running Time

1 Episode 30 minutes long



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