Superman on Trial

1st Broadcast 1988 BBC Radio 4



Dirk Maggs



Neil Cargill


Created By

Jerry Siegel

Joe Shuster


Produced for

BBC Radio Light Entertainment BBC Radio 4



Accused of crimes against humanity, the last son of Krypton stands powerless before a court dominated by Lex Luthor - criminal genius turned prosecutor.

Has Superman really corrupted our children? Can he justify his continued interference in world affairs?


Do we know the truth about his powers?


Only Lois Lane can defend Fifty years of the Man of Steel



William Hootkins
Lex Luthor
Shelley Thompson
Lois Lane
Vincent Marzello
Jimmy Olsen
Bob Sessions
Lorelei King
Lana Lang
David Graham
Jonathan Kent
Garrick Hagon
Leon Herbert
Adam West
Adam West
Jenette Kahn
Jenette Kahn
Dave Gibbons
Dave Gibbons
Stuart Milligan


Production Crew

Not known at this time


Recorded at

Paris Studio London England


Music composed & Arranged

Richard Harvey


Comment by Dirk Maggs

Bill Hootkins’ delivery of 'Faster Than A Speeding Bullet...' was matchless, done in one take for the docudrama celebrating Superman's 50th Birthday.

We later tried to re-record him doing ‘Faster Than A Speeding Bullet’ for ‘Superman Doomsday & Beyond’ but he couldn’t quite get that edge again.

So we always used that first take!

The opening string figure was a happy accident arrived at by playing with one of the BBC’s first sampling keyboards, stored at our audience studio, The Paris.

The main theme was a KPM music library track by Richard Harvey that just fitted perfectly.


Running Time

Not Known at this time


Cast Pictures


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