Pop Score 1990

1st Broadcast 21st April to 7th July 1990 17:30-18:00 BBC Radio 2
30th September 1990 to 16th December 1990 00:30-01:00 BBC Radio 2


Phil Swern



Dirk Maggs


Produced for

BBC Radio Light Entertainment BBC Radio 2



Radio's most ecologically sound quiz show returns to recycle more old vinyl



Ken Bruce
Janice Long
Alan Freeman
Helen Shapiro
Adrian Love
Alan Dedicoat
Noddy Holder
Colin Berry
Lyn Paul
David Bellan
Sheila Ferguson
Don Powell
Peter Dickson
Joe Brown
Duggie Brown
James Gordon
Stephanie De-sykes
Alex Lester
Paul Jones
John Marsh

Production Crew

None at this time


Recorded on

12th March to 17th April 1990


Music composed & Arranged

None at this time



Comment by Dirk Maggs

None at this time



Running Time

12 episodes each 30 minutes long 360 Minutes total



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