Love 40 New Balls Please Series 2

1st Broadcast 1998 BBC Radio 2



Dirk Maggs



Produced for

Celador BBC Radio 2




A musical sitcom about the onset of middle age, with the forty-year-old hero Mervyn.



Rock ín' roll sitcom featuring forty-something Mervyn Stutter as the beleaguered ex-hippy fast approaching his sell by date. As well as confronting the normal mid-life crises of expanding waistline and diminishing prospects, Mervyn has to juggle a bizarre and bewildering cast of friends, lodgers and hangers-on. A hilarious take on the journey into middle age, illuminated and illustrated by specially written songs.




Episode 1

Web Feat


Episode 2

Radio Shed


Episode 3

We Are Not a Grandmother

Episode 4

Gimme Shelter


Episode 5

Upwardly Mobile


Episode 6




Mervyn Stutter
Not Known
Moira Downie
Not Known
Eve Karpf
Not Known
Tony Millan

Not Known

John Challis
Not Known
Gary Martin
Not Known
Sophie Louise Dann
Not Known
Philip Sherlock


Production Crew

None at this time



Recorded at

None at this time



Music composed & Arranged

None at this time



Comment by Dirk Maggs

None at this time



Running Time

30 Minutes

6 Episodes in series


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