Loose Ends 1993

1st Broadcast 6th Nov 1993 10:02-11:00 BBC Radio 4 to 11th Dec 1993 10:02-11:00 BBC Radio 4


Chief Producer

Dirk Maggs



Jayne Morgan
Chris Kimber



Mike Coleman
Martin Plimmer
Michael Magenis

Ian Pattinson
Robert Fraser-Steel


Produced for

BBC Radio Magazine Progs - on attachment BBC Radio 4



Not Known at this time



Ned Sherrin
Annabel Giles
Roy Hudd
Arthur Smith
Neil Tennant
Hunt Emerson
Melba Moore
Denis Quilley
Emma Freud
Ken Campbell
Mel Brooks
Will Buckley
Tim Godwin
Diane Duane
Alison Berry
Tom Maggs
George Styles
Anthony Drew

Production Crew

None at this time


Recorded On

6th Nov 1993 to 11th Dec 1993


Music composed & Arranged

Jason Carr

Jeremy Browne
Nigel Piper
Nic Rowley



Comment by Dirk Maggs

None at this time


Running Time

2 episodes 60 minutes each 120 minutes total



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