Judge Dredd The Day The Law Died

1st Broadcast 1995 BBC Radio 1



Dirk Maggs



Dirk Maggs



Paul Powell


Produced for

BBC Radio Light Entertainment BBC Radio 1



Not Known at this time




Judge Dredd
Gary Martin
Judge Caligula
William Dufris
Judge Hershey
Judge Griffin
William Roberts
Walter The Wobot
William Roberts
The Kleggs
William Roberts
William Roberts


William Roberts


Production Crew

None at this time


Recorded at

Studio 6A Broadcasting House London


Music composed & Arranged

Wilfred Acosta


Comment by Dirk Maggs

Two 40-part series of three minute episodes - adapted by the very talented comedy writer Paul Powell based on the 2000AD comic book character ‘Judge Dredd’. Hardly subtle stuff but really enjoyable in a blackly humorous way. We could only afford a cast of 5 to play the millions of inhabitants of MegaCity One - AND all the judges. I never want to ask an actor to throw me three voices on the same page again, it was cruelty!

Listening back to these shows some sequences are still not right, sometimes I just can’t get everything louder than everything else no matter how hard I try!

A word for Lorelei King who plays in so many of these shows. Lorelei has a terrific ear for a scene and always comes through with something special. I try to work with lots of different actors but some are so consistently able to deliver that it is tempting to always look for parts for them. So from Lois Lane to Miss Dimple to Judge Hershey I plead guilty to the charge of favouritism but she really is the right girl for the job!

Running Time

80 Episodes



Cast Pictures

Lorelei King

Lorelei King


The Cast and Crew of Judge Dredd:

Gary Martin (Judge Dredd), Lorelei King (Judge Hershey), Rebecca Kirby (Production Co-ordinator)

Willian Dufris (Chief Judge Caligula), Maureen Trotman (Technical Realisation), William Roberts (Judge Griffin)

(Story Adaptation), Ian Harker (Technical Realisation), Dirk Maggs (Producer/Director).

Photo by Ty Power


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