It's Been a Bad Week Series 2

1st Broadcast 1999


Executive Producer

Dirk Maggs


Produced for

Celador BBC Radio 4



A comedy series looking at who has had a bad week, and why



Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis trawl the world’s media outlets in search of tales of woe, disaster and misfortune - and then have a good laugh at them. From gigantic corporate cock-ups to the sad failures of the humblest individual, It’s Been a Bad Week is unflinching in its search for stories that reflect the calamitous misfortunes which occur daily around the globe. Drawing on a mixture of sketches, songs, impressions, guest contributions and scripted news items, the show targets the week’s well-known bad news stories, governmental disasters, royal excesses, celebrity misbehaviour as well as a myriad of less well-publicised stories from Britain and abroad.



Steve Punt
Hugh Dennis
Emma Clarke
Jon Culshaw
Mitch Benn
Mervyn Stutter


Cast Picture

Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis

Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis


Production Crew

None at this time


Recorded at

None at this time


Music composed & Arranged

None at this time


Comment by Dirk Maggs

None at this time


Running Time

6 episodes 30 Minutes each


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