The Adventures of Sexton Blake!

1st Broadcast 31st July 2009 BBC Radio 2



Dirk Maggs




David Morley



Written By

? Millington

? Nash



Production By

Perfectly Normal Productions Ltd




In a series of THRILLING Adventures PACKED with INCIDENT and HILARITY, SEXTON BLAKE, (Simon Jones, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy) and his plucky assistant TINKER (Wayne Forester, Captain Scarlet), aided by MRS BARDELL (June Whitfield,Absolutely Fabulous) battle DIABOLICAL MASTERMINDS,  BEWITCHING THIEVES and SINISTER FIENDS, out-thinking them in the head and out-punching them in the jaw!  Also featured in this CINEMATIC AUDIO ROMP from Award-Winning DIRK MAGGS (The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy) is a cameo from BBC Radio's ORIGINAL Sexton Blake - the legendary and coolly dashing William Franklyn.


Episode 1

The Mystery Train of Death


Episode 2

A Clap of Thunder


Episode 3

All Fired Up


Episode 4

A Breakfast of Peril


Episode 5

Doormat of Death


Episode 6

Pressure and Parsimony!

Based on Characters owned by



Cast for all Episodes



Sexton Blake, Adventuring Detective

Simon Jones

Tinker, his Plucky Assistant

Wayne Forester

Mrs Bardell, their Doughty Housekeeper


 June Whitfield

Professor Kew, a Spindly Cackler

Graham Hoadly

The Mysterious Waiter

William Franklyn
Miss Elizabeth Mary-Louise Tarabelle Beauchamp   

Inspector Coutts Of Scotland Yard


Simon Treves

Miss Terry, Window-Leaping Adventuress


Felicity Duncan

Mrs Hudson, Housekeeper To A Neighbouring Detective


 Susan Sheridan

Count Ivor Carlac, a Villainous Foe


Malcolm Brown

Assassin Cyril, A Pesky Sniper 


Philip Glassborow

The Frantic Caller


 Oscar Sharp


Production Crew



Wilfredo Acosta


Sound Design

Paul Weir


Music Composer

Paul Weir


Production Assistant

Anne Waggott



Recorded at

The Soundhouse Ltd London England



Recorded on

2nd week January 2009



Comment by Dirk Maggs

Nothing yet



Running Time

6 Episodes of 15 Minutes



Other Items

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sexton Blake is a fictional detective who has appeared in many British comic strips and novels. He first appeared in the story "The Missing Millionaire," by Harry Blyth (writing as Hal Meredeth), in The Halfpenny Marvel #6, on December 20, 1893. He appeared in a few more stories by Meredeth. He appeared from 1893 to 1978, running to over 4,000 stories by some 200 different authors.

His adventures appeared in a variety of publications including Union Jack and its successor Detective Weekly from 1904 to 1940 and simultaneously in The Sexton Blake Library, from 1915 to 1963.

There were several Sexton Blake stage plays, the earliest one produced in 1907. The first Blake film appeared in 1909 and during the silent era there were thirteen more half-hour Blake features. In 1939 BBC Radio broadcast a serial called Enter Sexton Blake, followed in 1940 by A Case for Sexton Blake. Later in 1967, BBC aired another radio serial on the character. ITV aired Sexton Blake from 1967 to 1971 and Sexton Blake and the Demon God was a short television show produced by the BBC in 1978.



The Sexton Blake Page

Cast Picture

Barton Main Actors

Picture Credit Perfectly Normal Productions Ltd


What Other's Have Said


Great diabolic plots of creeping mystery! Here come master detective Sexton Blake (Simon Jones) and his plucky sidekick Tinker (Wayne Forester) plus an assortment of posh birds, cross archbishops and fiendish profs to solve any murder going, thwart all evil ploys. For anyone who remembers the real thing in book, magazine or comic form, this aural slapstick version (directed by dynamic Dirk Maggs) will lack proper gravitas. It is, however, huge fun in a Goon-show-ish sort of way. Quick, lads, to the locomotive. The chase is on!
Gillian Reynolds, Daily Telegraph, 31st July 2009


There's devilry afoot in the first of these spiffing new Sexton Blake adventures, which sees the intrepid sleuth and his batman Tinker attempting to thwart the dastardly Professor Kew. Any outing with Baker Street's (other) great detective is naturally replete with danger, villainy and good old British grit, and this latest jaunt is no exception. Whether the task at hand involves rescuing a trainload of commuters or doing battle with an autogyro-piloting fiend, Sexton Blake is the only chap with an upper lip stiff enough to get the job done. Capital!
Tom Cole, The Radio Times, 31st July 2009



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