Mirabelle & Me

1st Broadcast 25th November 2005 BBC Radio 4



Dirk Maggs



Helen Chattwell


Written By

Mike Stott


Produced By

Above The Title Productions for BBC Radio 4




A new play by acclaimed writer Mike Stott about a man who falls in love with a veal calf. Melvin is roped (literally) into delivering a veal calf,

but in a moment of sentimentality decides to save the poor creature from slaughter. He persuades the farm to sell him the beloved Mirabelle,

and hides the calf from his neighbour in the garage, but the mooing and mucking out soon give the game away,

not to mention Mirabelle's appetite for garden shrubs...



Moments of revelation come to us all in time, but rarely do these epiphanies involve veal calves. Playwright Mike Stott (who created last year's superb comedy drama Norman, starring Johnny Vegas) has written a poignant and gently humorous story about an unassuming accountant who accidentally gets involved in the delivery of a calf at the same time that his wife is committing suicide at home. His response to her bloody death is to decide that the newborn cow will not be reared to end up in a slaughterhouse. Philip Jackson stars as Edwin, the accountant-turned- mother-cow, and Alison Steadman is Connie, the no-nonsense frisky farmer who does as much as Mirabelle to heal his bruised view of life.

RADIO TIMES reviewer: Jane Anderson





Philip Jackson
Alison Steadman
DC Boone
Graham Turner
Rupert Degas
Mr Pickering
Toby Longworth
Miss Cattermole
Gwyneth Powell



Production Crew

Not known at this time



Recorded on

16th September 2005

Music composed & Arranged

Not known at this time



Comment by Dirk Maggs

Nothing yet



Running Time

1 Episode 45 minutes long



Other Items

Postcard by Marc&Anna



Cast Pictures

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What Others Have said


This kind of play - part magic realism, part absurdism, part bad taste romp - can be difficult to pull off, but it was saved by the exemplary direction of Dirk Maggs."

MOIRA PETTY The Stage & Television Today, Dec 1st 2005



"... tender and robust in equal measures ... laugh out loud stuff."

ELISABETH MAHONEY The Guardian Dec 2005



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