Bunn & Co

1st Broadcast 31st March 2003 BBC Radio 4



Dirk Maggs



Bruce Hyman


Written By

Mike Stott


Produced By

Above The Title Productions for BBC Radio 4




Mike Stott's exquisite comedy about possibly the North of England's most appalling estate agents, set in the fictional Pennine village of Boggart's Bridge

Episode 1

Meet Barr Bunn, of Bunn and Co estate agents, based in a quiet corner of a small Pennine town.Barry has survived his annual holiday with Mrs Bunn, and on his first day back in the office is relishing the grind, misery and the tedium which will come as such a welcome relief from the past 14 days.


Episode 2

Another week, another difficult client for the staff of Bunn & Co, estate agents. Phil Fishwick is looking for a house. Well, less of a house more of a dump, really. Undeterred by years of training in the fine art of misrepresentation, Barry Bunn rises to the challenge.


Episode 3

The full impact of new technology is felt by Bunn and Co, estate agents, when Tracey discovers an unusual website featuring men and camels. But can the awesome power of the world-wide web be harnessed to improve dwindling property sales in the Pennines?


Episode 4

Barry enters dangerous territory when he plans to compete with property prices in the South. But it seems that his dreams of million-pound sales might be about to come true when a blast from the past rocks up in Boggartis Bridge.

Can this Jed Thrust, the acclaimed king of Gunk-Rock, really be Harvey Boocock, the scruffy kid from the council estate that Barry used to tease at school? Any doubts Barry might have about him are soon allayed by the £1 million Jed has to spend on a house, but can Barry provide what he is looking for before Collette's husband catches up with him to discuss what exactly is going on between Barry and Collette?


Episode 5

Another day, another tricky customer for Barry Bunn; an undertaker addicted to his work proves problematic when it comes to showing prospective buyers around his property. Barry and Collette finally admit to their feelings for one another but, when Barry forgets to book the hotel for their romantic evening together, finding a place where they can be alone seems impossible.

Cast for all Episodes


Tracey Wolinski
Lyndsey Marshal
Barry Bunn
Keith Barron
Colette Kershaw
Julia Deakin
Nigel Dugdale
James Frost ( pilot Leo Bill )
Phil Fishwick
Paul Angelis
Mr Henshaw
Simon Treves
Little Mo
Jennie Stoller
Big Mo
Gwyneth Powell
Jed Thrust
Ken Jones
Young Jed Thrust
Rupert Degas
Miss Paine
Gwyneth Powell
Eddie Diggle
Bernard Gallagher
Tracy Brabin


Production Crew

None at this time


Recorded at

None at this time


Music composed & Arranged

None at this time


Comment by Dirk Maggs

Was going to be 1st Broadcast 19th April 2002 This broadcast did not go ahead due to the funeral of the HM Queen Mother.

This show was then recast and re-recorded


Running Time

5 Episodes 30 minutes long


Other Items

None at this time


Cast Pictures

Keith Barron
James Frost
Gwyneth Powell
Rupert Degas
Simon Treves


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