The Johnny Cash Hi-Jack Roadshow

1st Broadcast 2000-2100 14th November 2008 on BBC Radio 4



Dirk Maggs



David Morley


Written by

Michael Butt



Perfectly Normal Productions.




When a couple of Sheffield lorry drivers steal a petrol tanker and aim is south at the House of Commons, they start to question their lives and past events set them against each other. As they speed south, pursued by the police, their increasingly desperate protest at fuel prices careers to a dangerous climax.



From Perfectly Normal Productions

Ray Fearon, Philip Jackson and Des O’Malley star in the compelling story of a hi-jacked petrol tanker, headed for the Houses of Parliament. As the fuel crisis bites, Sheffield-based Paul and Vic lose their driving jobs. When Paul steals a lorry full of petrol and turns up at Vic’s house in the small hours, with ideas of making a statement to the world, it’s the beginning of “the best day of our sorry lives”. Vic leaves his wife in bed and they head down the M1 with thousands of gallons of highly flammable fuel on board. It’s “a hundred grand bomb”, says the increasingly disturbed and frightening Paul, played by Ray Fearon.



What Other's Have said

Three self-styled Robin Hoods swipe a fully loaded petrol tanker, planning to take it from Sheffield to London as a protest against profiteering oil compaines. In this drama starring Philip Jackson and Ray Fearon, the unstable Paul is the driving force behind the stunt. bring former lorry driver Vic and the impressionable young, Johnny Cash fan Dougie along for the ride. But, soon after hitting the motorway, the trio's moods darken as they begin to realise the implications of their actions. The music of Johnny Cashicon of the misfit and the felon runs through the spine of the tale. We hear snippets of Man in Black and I walk the Line, but it's tracks from the star's swan song covers album that take centre stage Personal Jesus and the harrowing ode to self-harm Hurt providing a sense of foreboding. It's dramatic ride, but you might wonder how they ever reached the M1 in such an unwieldy vehicle. Gary Rose Radio Times




Ray Fearon
Philip Jackson
DeNica Fairman
DeNica Fairman
Des O'Malley
Rupert Degas
Rupert Degas
Rosalyn Wright
Rosalyn Wright


Production Crew

Not known



Recorded at

The Soundhouse Ltd London England


Music composed & Arranged

Johnny Cash Tracks used include Man in Black and I walk the Line



Comment by Dirk Maggs

Nothing yet



Comment by David Williams

This radio show caused me to stay in the works car park for the last fifteen minutes to find out what happens,

I must say it was time well spent as the last Johnny Cash track and what happens in the show worked really well for me.



Cast Picture

Rupert Degas
Des O'Malley
Philip Jackson
Ray Fearon
Rupert Degas
Des O'Malley
Philip Jackson
Ray Fearon



The Johnny Cash Hi-Jack Roadshow
Image credit Perfectly Normal Productions.


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Running Time

1 episode 60 minutes long 60 minutes total


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