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1st Broadcast 3rd May 2007- June 2007 BBC Radio 2

Repeated on the following Saturday 1.30 pm BBC Radio 2



Dirk Maggs



Dirk Maggs


Created by

Kris Dyer

Dave Marks


Written by

Andy Taylor

John Langdon



Above the Title Productions Ltd



All about arch-blogger and wargaming enthusiast "Andrew Glasgow"


From Radio Times

For time reasons- and fear of what psychosexual, sci-fi stimulated garbage I might innocently stumble across- I have never read a blog site, not even one of the many my still-single,middle-aged male freinds have sent me links to in recent years. Young writers Kris Dyer and Dave Marks have joined forces with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy producer Dirk Maggs to create this surreal sitcom, with a satirical twist on the multifaceted absurdities created by the free for all nature of the internet. Caroline Quentin takes on all the female roles, which include the terrifying Czech mother of our anti-hero Andrew Glasgow (played with disturbingly nerdy accuracy by Andy Taylor). He spends his life writing speculative articles for his local paper, while cruising the internet for available women and listening to the soothing tones of Chris de Burgh or Eric "Slowhand" Clapton. When Andrew finally secures an internet date it is, of course, destined to end in predictable but joyfully painful disaster:the luscious-sounding beauty with an aristocratic name is not quite what he was expecting.


Episode 1:

Blogger Andrew Glasgow seeks true love online but ends up with a few rather nasty surprises.

Episode 2:

Andrew Glasgow fights to clear his name after a series of incriminating rumours are posted online.

Episode 3:

The story continues with Andrew's attempts to thwart his mother's plans to sell the house.

Episode 4:

Andrew's online research into his family history and his reunion with an old school flame.

Episode 5:

Andrew's frantic battle to earn some money after mistakenly ordering a full size Napoleonic-era cannon piece from the website E-buy.

Episode 6:

Andrew is stuck on a train with only his laptop and the great British public for company.



Caroline Quentin

Simon Greenall

Andy Taylor


Production Crew

Not known


Recorded at

The Soundhouse Ltd London England


Music composed & Arranged

Not known


Comment by Dirk Maggs

Nothing yet


Cast Picture

Nothing Yet


Other Items

Postcard by Marc&Anna


What Other's Have Said

"Exquisitely cruel satirical comedy. This is original and twisted and the don't-miss comedy appointment of the week"



"This is the funniest sitcom since Ed Reardon's Week"



"Likely to strike a chord with computer-slaves everywhere"



"... has the verve that made Little Britain, The Mighty Boosh, Seven Storeys High, Dead Ringers and That Mitchell and Webb Sound

all genuine and deserved radio hits before television paid them heaps more money and squashed the life out of the lot of them."


"... much funnier than Mitchell & Webb ... has the verve that made Little Britain, The Mighty Boosh and Dead Ringers all genuine and deserved radio hits before television squashed the life out of the lot of them."

GILLIAN REYNOLDS, Daily Telegraph, 8th May 2007


"The best comedy on radio since ED REARDON'S WEEK ..."

PAUL DONOVAN, Sunday Times, 7th May 2007


Running Time

6 episodes 30 minutes long 180 minutes total



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