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Dirk Maggs

Dirk Maggs


Heather Larmour



Heather Larmour



Written By

Neil Gaiman



 Adaptation by 

Dirk Maggs

Dirk Maggs 



Produced By

Perfectly Normal Production




Richard Mayhew, a Scot living in London, encounters an injured girl named Door on the street one night. Despite his fiancée's protests he decides to help her, but that unfortunately also means that he suddenly ceases to exist for regular people and becomes real only to the denizens of 'London Below', whose inhabitants are generally invisible and non-existent to the people of 'London Above'. He loses his house, his job and nearly his mind as he travels London Below in an attempt to make sense out of it all, find a way back, and help Door survive as she is hunted down by hired assassins.

In London Below the various familiar names of London all take on a new significance: for example Knightsbridge becomes "Night's Bridge", a stone bridge whose darkness takes its toll in human life; The Angel, Islington is an actual angel. London Below is a parallel world in and beneath the sewers. Its inhabitants are the homeless, but also people from other times, such as Roman legionaries and medieval monks, as well as fictional and fantastical characters.





Richard Mayhew
  James McAvoy
Natalie Dormer
The Marquis de Carabas
David Harewood
Sophie Okondo
  The Angel Islington
Benedict Cumberbatch
Mr Croup
Anthony Head 
Mr Vandemar
David Schofield 
  Old Bailey
Bernard Cribbins
Romola Garai
  Earl of Earl's Court
Christopher Lee
Andrew Sachs 
George Harris
Don Gilet
Don Gilet
Don Gilet
Abdul Salis 
Abdul Salis 
Abdul Salis 
Homeless Man
Abdul Salis 
Paul Chequer
  Guard 2
Paul Chequer
  Lord Ratspeaker
Johnny Vegas
Karen Archer
Old Woman
Karen Archer
Dream Hawker
Karen Archer
Karen Archer
Stephen Marcus
Homeless man
Stephen Marcus 
Letting agent
Stephen Marcus 
  Guard 1
Stephen Marcus
Yasmin Paige
Tenant 2
Yasmin Paige
Yasmin Paige
Match girl
Yasmin Paige
Lucy Cohu 


Production Crew

Not Known


Recorded at

The Soundhouse Ltd London, England



Recorded on

21st November 2012


Music composed & Arranged

Not Known



Comment by Dirk Maggs

None yet


Comment by David Williams

None Yet


Running Time

6 Episodes 30 minutes long



Other Items

Characters & Cast




Cast Pictures

Cast Neverwhere


What Other's have said

“The 6-part dramatisation has been adapted by Dirk Maggs (who has a solid track record in radio comic drama – Batman, Superman, Judge Dredd) and has a genuinely star filled cast including James McAvoy, Natalie Dormer, Bernard Cribbins, Sir Christopher Lee, Anthony Head and Benedict Cumberbatch.” 



“Dirk Maggs … can conjure a whole world through atmospheric music and layered sound effects. While keeping things amusing, which is a considerable achievement.” 

CLARE HEAL, Sunday Express, 17th March 2013


“Without any hyperbole, I can state this is a masterpiece. The intricate layers of sound, the sumptuous orchestration and the haunting rendering of life underground bring a cinematic effect. Dirk Maggs’ sound design is a triumph … he has surpassed himself. If you listen to one thing this year, make it Neverwhere.” 

JANE ANDERSON, Radio Times, 16 March 2013


“Anyone who has not read the book and doubts its appeal need only peruse the cast list for this radio version, adapted by the legendary radio writer and director, Dirk Maggs.”

 SARAH VINE, The Times, 14th March 2013


“The story is good, and Dirk Maggs’ adaptation is excellent … (he) deploys voices, sound and music brilliantly … but what makes it worth listening to more than once is the way he also gets nuggets of comedy from the maners of the characters’ non-fantasy lives.”

 DAVID HEPWORTH, The Guardian Guide, 16 March 2013


“I was a massive fan of Neil’s writing. And going back to the pedigree that Dirk brought from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it was a no-brainer really.”

 NATALIE DORMER Press Conference, March 2013


“What is wonderful about doing it on radio is that this is the equivalent of having our 300 million budget. There’s nothing we can’t do just because we’re on radio. And with Dirk Maggs, and the sound-scape, I’m listening to it and thinking ‘this is the equivalent of the Lord Of The Rings movie’ or something.” 

NEIL GAIMAN, SFX, 8 March 2013



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