Growing up with the Goons

1st Broadcast 2000-2100 25th December 2008 on BBC Radio 2



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Dirk Maggs

David Morley


Written by

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Perfectly Normal Productions.




Andy Secombe looks at what it was like living in the shadow of fathers who starred in the 1951-60 radio comedy The Goon Show.



From Perfectly Normal Productions

Andy Secombe, son of Goon Harry Secombe, goes in search of the other children of the Goons. What were their experiences of living in the shadow of the single most influential 20th Century British radio comedy show? For years Andy was hounded by teachers and classmates expecting the son of Neddie Seagoon to be as feckless as his father’s Goon character. However, it was only in 2001, after being persuaded to take part in the 50th Anniversary Radio 2 Goon Show re-creation, that he felt he was ready to accept his inheritance. As part of the documentary, he speaks to Sile Milligan (daughter of Spike), Sarah Sellers (daughter of Peter), Jenny Secombe (Sir Harry’s daughter) and radio comics Mitch Benn and Steve Punt whose fathers both introduced them to the Goons.



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Jenny Secombe (Sir Harry Secombe's daughter)
Sarah Sellers (daughter of Peter Sellers)
Sile Milligan (daughter of Spike Milligan)
Steve Punt
Mitch Benn
Charles Chilton (producer)
Janet Brown
Andy Secombe (presenter)


Production Crew

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Recorded at

The Soundhouse Ltd London England


Music composed & Arranged

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Comment by Dirk Maggs

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Comment by David Williams

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Cast Picture

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Running Time

1 episode 60 minutes long 60 minutes total



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