David Williams



I am now in my forth decade(and a bit) and have been a Electrical & Mechanical Engineer for thirty odd years. I live in Southern England with a wife, two kids & two cats called "Missy B" and Ant (that's the name of the cats!)

I work for one of the UK's largest companies that are well known for the upkeep of some of the UK's most well known buildings.


I started the Dirk Maggs web site as there is no other (so far as I know) web site dedicated to the work of a radio director & producer in the world.

It did take me a while to find out who the director was of some of the radio shows that I liked. It took even more time to find out just how much work he had done.

I also wanted to highlight just how good the people in Radio are, pay back something in my own way for some of the good times I have had while listening to the very best radio in the world bar none.

I also wanted to have a web site & learn something about html & all that, a Dirk Maggs web site looked like a good project. I knew that as it was a very specialist subject,

the hits to the web site would only ever be at a max of 10 000 a day, but getting hits was not, and is still not the sole reason for the web site.


It's as I said, a learning tool, also a source of information on all the work that I can find that Dirk has done.

It goes without saying that not too long after the web site was setup that I got a email. It was from Dirk who was very kind about the site,

he had fallen off his chair when doing a web search with his name and a web site came up all about him!

The hits to the site sit in the 100-500 a day, I have had some good feedback from many people, I would like to say thanks for all your suggestions and corrections.



Life outside of Work & Radio

I create music, currently some 30+ albums so far and still going strong, mostly Trance, Tech Step

I also write, currently some five radio plays, 2 screen plays and 5 books, one a history of how all the elements in the periodic table where found and what they are.


Written for fun, and to see if I could do it.

My other main interest is Buggying with large traction kites, getting up to 40-60mph 3 inches above the ground in a 3 wheeled buggy complete with no brakes.


David Williams 31.08.2015