Batman: Knightfall

1st Broadcast 1994 BBC Radio 1



Dirk Maggs


Dramatized By

Dirk Maggs



Dirk Maggs


Produced for

BBC Radio Light Entertainment BBC Radio 1




A new and sinister enemy, Bane, has arrived in Gotham City.

The entire maximum-security wing of Ardham Asylum has been breached; all the major villains have escaped and are looking for vengeance.




The Riddler
Stuart Milligan
Mayor Krohl
Vincent Marzello
The Mad Hatter
Chris Emmett
James Goode
James Goode
Daniel Marinker
Shondra Kinsolving
Alibe Parsons
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
Harvey Bullock
Eric Meyers
Commissioner Gordon
William Roberts
The Joker
Kerry Shale
Kerry Shale
Peter Marinker
Brue Wayne
Bob Sessions
Bob Sessions
Tim Drake
Daniel Marinker
Michael Gough


Production Crew

Recorded and Mixed Paul Deeley



Recorded at

None at this time


Music composed & Arranged

Mark Russell



Comment by Dirk Maggs

Released as three cd's called

CD1 A Knight's Fall CD2 A Hero's Quest CD3 A Batman Reborn

When it was first suggested we should make action dramas in daily three minute episodes I was pretty scared but willing to give it a try. There was a lot of gloomy
predictions of failure but once we got into our stride it seemed to work pretty well, and it was a format which could be slotted in between the chart records on BBC Radio 1. Also the first real effort to get to grips with Dolby Surround was ‘Batman Knightfall’ which we made for BBC Radio 1 in 1994.

The idea was to create an atmospheric mood which would be quite scary. Paul Deeley did some amazing sound mixing but some of the effects mixing and panning aren't as focussed as we would do it now on Dolby 5.1. To be honest, everything I have done I would improve if I could go back and do it again ... we are all the same, perfectionists who - but for deadlines - might never finish a job! A quick word for Bob Sessions who played our Batman. What a great presence he has, what a wonderful voice. And he WAS Batman in a uniquely urbane way. My ambition was to do Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ with him ... sadly it was not to be - dear Bob died before it could happen. Thank you Bob.



Running Time

65 number 3 minute episodes 195 minutes in total



Cast Pictures

Batman Knighfall cast



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Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome




A Very good Review By Ty Power



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What Others have said


“... Dirk Maggs, who wrote and produced, threw everything into the pot and stirred vigorously. The result was richly textured, highly flavoursome, original and wonderfully energetic ... Maggs struck just the right balance between Gothic horror, gung-ho heroism and camp humour, and maintained it. This sort of speed and density is all too rare in radio ...”

NIGEL ANDREW, Daily Telegraph


“... summoned up Gotham’s nocturnal horrors more effectively than the movies...”

DAMIAN THOMPSON, Sunday Telegraph


“... Dirk Maggs productions ‘Composed through' like a Lloyd-Webber' musical - scene boundaries of the lightning cut type - over-aural-excitation - crowded 'mise en scène' - plenitude of sound events...”



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