Agatha Christie's

The 199 Pounds Adventure

1st Broadcast 17th February 2003 BBC Radio 4



Dirk Maggs

Bruce Hyman


Dramatised By

Mike Stott



Bruce Hyman

Dirk Maggs


Written By

Agatha Christie



Produced By

Above The Title Productions Ltd for BBC Radio 4




Based on Agatha Christie's The case of the City Clerk.


A new contemporary dramatisation


Bobby Roberts is a middle-aged man in a mid-life rut, in search of adventure. The ad in The Times reads "Need help? Ask Parker Payne." So can the great PP come up trumps?

Well, yes and no. Bobby is sent on a trip to collect a harmless package from a scientist in Milan and eat plenty of ice cream along the way.

But before long he finds himself caught up in a terrifying murder, and with blood all over his ice cream.




A brand new radio adaptation of a classic Agatha Christie short story,

The Case of the City Clerk, by Mike Stott. A middle-aged man leading a dull existence goes on what he hopes will be the adventure of a lifetime

but soon starts to regret his search for a bit of excitement.



Parker Pyne

Richard Griffiths



Chris Langham


Rupert Degas

Rupert Degas

Simon Treves

Simon Treves

Rebecca Front

Rebecca Front


Production Crew

Not known at this time


Recorded on

11th January 2002


Music composed & Arranged

Not known at this time



Comment by Dirk Maggs

None at this time



Running Time

1 episode of 30 minutes 30 minutes in total




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