(Citrusdreams) or David Williams has been creating music since 1988


I produce anything that feels good to listen to, some of the styles that I have produced are Trance, House, Dance & Ambient, at least I think that's what some of the music styles could be called...

The covers of the albums are hopefully just different from what you would expect. No they don't always follow the album title, but hey you have to have some fun....

I am based in Hampshire in the UK which as everybody knows is a world class centre for the production of music, ( well from 1988 it has been.... :)

I welcome all feedback good or bad, but at the end of the day the music that I create is mainly for my benefit



Kit List

I am 100% software based with only the odd midi controller keyboard the kit list reflects this,


Acid 1.0, Acid 2.0, Acid 4.0, Acid Le and Ableton from 2010 Le

Cakewalk Express 1.0, Cakewalk 9.0

Vst Buzz 1.1, Dance eJay 1.0, Dance eJay 2.0

Rave eJay 1.0, Dance eJay Techno, Dance eJay 3.0

Dance ejay 4.0, Dance eJay Studio, Reaktor Demo

Cubasis SE, Music Director, Live, Skip to my Loops

Loops from Internet free sites

Various VST plugins, lots ;)

Custom Programmes written by me

& Samples samples samples.................did I say Samples!